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Install the hood in the kitchen

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If you need to install an inline or overhead vent in the kitchen, you can always turn to our company, and install the hood with our kitchen fitters. All the masters have significant experience in similar works related to the installation of kitchen hoods any manufacturer, as well as with the installation of built-in appliances that you have purchased and want to install in the kitchen. Besides the fact that installers can connect to the installation of kitchen hood already prepared for the kitchen units, they can also offer you installation services hoods with alteration of the module and additional Propylene duct.
 That is, the installer will make not only the installation of exhaust itself, but also pave the air duct or corrugated plastic ducts to the ventilation shaft. In many homes, the duct is on the opposite side of the kitchen, if the mine is behind the wall on which the kitchen, it is possible to break through the wall and make a new conclusion. In order not to spoil the look of the kitchen vent. These operations are carried out by our craftsmen with proper quality and accuracy, which are common to all installers and installer of our kitchen furniture company. Due to the fact that the masters of our organization have extensive experience and have universal skills in any work related to the installation of kitchen cabinets, if a master and your opportunities allow, you can also count on the fact that your hoods, lights, washing or dishwasher will be routed wiring. It will also install additional outlets. For cooktops and other appliances can be a powerful running additional wires to the electrical panel with the installation machine. Also, in addition to our master assembly and rework kitchen module, which was installed in your hood and other appliances can collect any case and upholstered furniture purchased in other companies.
 You can see photos of the set of kitchen furniture and built-in appliances, made by our craftsmen and furniture assemblers. On them you can see the quality of furniture produced by our experts and works. Services to our customers always receive the furniture company guarantees quality execution of all works, from furniture, to its installation in the address. In addition to warranty services craftsmen and furniture, you can take 10% off the next time you contact us for the production of furniture, or any of the submitted to our website services masters builders and installers of furniture.

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